Developer, Project Manager

United Kingdom

My name is Luke and I am in charge of everything. I handle our projects, our company and everything in between.



Developer, Business Director

United States

Hey guys, I'm Nich. Number crunching, bookkeeping and business management is what I do.



Artist, Animator, Audio Engineer

United States

Hello! I'm Noah Heilveil, I am the lead artist and a Co-founder of Gearhex Studios, here I make art and sound!


Administrator, Public Relations

United States

I'm James, the guy who watches over the site. I am the main admin for general purposes.


Level Designer, Writer

United States

I'm a level designer, I create the worlds and levels. I also write stories and scripts for our games.


QA Tester, Writer

United States

Primarily, I'm a games tester. My job is to make sure the games are fun, and also to make sure they run.


QA Tester

United States

I play games for a living, making sure they are fun to play. I am responsible for testing our games.


Artist, Animator


Hello, I'm Catarina! I deal with the concept art, graphics, animations or anything that requires me to be creative.


Ryan H


United States

I'm a programmer and I mostly code in Java. I've created a couple of unique plugins for our Minecraft server too.


Lead Programmer


I'm the lead programmer. I'm the one who does the thing that makes the things do the thing, you know?


Ryan K

Programmer, Systems Admin

United States

I'm responsible for our website hosting and security. I'm also a programmer and contribute code to our games.


Systems Admin

United Kingdom

I'm the host for our Minecraft server, Vitalcraft. I keep an eye on the server to make sure it's online and working fine.



United States

Hi, I'm Kyle and I'm a programmer here at Gearhex. I help code the games one line at a time.


Programmer, Artist, Level Designer

United States

I mostly program, level design and write music - mostly guitar. I love football. The one that actually involves feet...


Writer, Editor

United States

I play different kinds of games and write reviews about them for our site and our Steam page group!